About Us

Here Studio grew out of lots of little collaborations between friends, colleagues, and love in 2010.

‘here’ originated from the ‘here and now’ a theme for our first official collaboration together for Pecha Kucha ‘here’ Haiti / Melbourne. We wanted to bring it back to home and connect with the local. Your street, your neighbour, your Dad. The world is not just over there, it’s here.

We specialise in:

- everyday affordable architecture

- participatory design and placemaking

We use art, design, research and action to generate community + public space.

We believe architecture should be accessible and affordable to everyone. 


It’s always hard to gather all the ingredients, but clearly Urban Village Melbourne Inc was one of our first and main testing grounds, in many ways Here Studio can be seen as new rebanding together from a big year with UVM in 2009. It is our network nature to gather around projects, which form and change us fundamentally – like Wrongtown, South Melbourne Commons, Hub Melbourne or even WELOVEPT, they made us and we appreciate each colour and scar they granted us.

Visit our 2010 to 2016 website: www.archived2016-herestudio.net

Here Studio was registered as a Pty Ltd company in October 2010 and is currently owned by Ammon Beyerle and Michelle Emma James.

ABN 70 146 747 855

Here Studio is also an Architectural Company registered with the Architects Registration Board of Victoria.

ARBV 51269