Creative Technology Hub, Williamstown


The Creative Technology Hub project is an initiative of Hobsons Bay City Council and Seaworks, to develop a hands on, interactive and tech-savvy place at the old docks of Williamstown. 

Paula Kelly, who led parts of the Library at the Dock project for the City of Melbourne, is lead for Hobsons Bay Council. She worked closely with Soledad Maldonado to produce an architectural Concept Design using a simple conversion of shipping containers, and the project is now under consideration for a Living Libraries grant.

Partnering with organisations in manufacturing, logistics, education, employment and commerce, Hobsons Bay Council intends to extend and diversify its library services through the project, to provide new and engaging learning opportunities in creative technology for their community members; Seaworks Williamstown seeks to seed their strategic masterplan to develop a well-used, community precinct promoting maritime heritage through attracting new visitors and active participation.

Hobsons Bay has an above-average number of disengaged young people and a large number of men who have worked in the manufacturing industry for decades - now unemployed or, facing redundancies. Here Studio aims to demonstrate and found that a participatory design process opens meaningful opportunities and mobilises real community assets.

The Creative Technology Hub project has significant prospects and challenges, that are topical for leading architects in Melbourne. This includes new modes of education and learning, intergenerational community development through use of and play with technology, and adaptive reuse of heritage precincts associated with retooling regional employment practices.

Through Soledad, Here Studio was invited to be a project partner for architecture and participatory design, starting with leading a partnership and asset mapping exercise to kick off the broader participation process.

In December 2017, the project was awarded a Living Libraries Infrastructure grant of $115,000.

Hobsons Bay City Council, Seaworks

2016 - ongoing

Williamstown, VIC

Ammon Beyerle, Soledad Maldonado, Phillipa Hall