Emotional Shelter, Kensington

Our Emotional Shelter was shortlisted as one of 12 winners in Melbourne for the Emergency Shelter Competition. The design was constructed 1:1 for inclusion in an exhibition which took place at Federation Square from 2-5 May 2013. The Emotional Shelter is now permanently located at The Venny Adventure Playground in Kensington.

Over a month in April 2013, over sixty people were involved in prototyping the emergency shelter, using hand tools, recycled and natural materials – hundreds of hours! Made from hand-lashed local bamboo arches and corrugated iron – our emergency shelter is a children’s playspace and social meeting point that is powered by community participation.


December 2012 - May 2013

The Venny, Kensington

Michelle Emma James, Ammon Beyerle


Visionary Design Development (Mary Ann Jackson, Nick Shearman, Kamil Muhammad), Giant Grass (Munir Vahanvati, Mittul Vahanvati), ARUP (Shaina Saporta)

Katherine Sampson, Soledad Maldonado, Nicole Mechkaroff, Marjan Baghaei, Paul Szymkowiak & Luke Weston (lighting), Natalie Erika James (film)

Special thanks
Ralph Green, Tony Rapazzo (TDR Property Services), Robbie Spencer and Sammy Richards (Australian Ropes Course Builders), Casey Tosh

Carlee Suen, Gonzalo Valiente, Pete Spence, Eleanor Chapman, Charlotte Blythe, Ian Foreman, Jim Commadeur, Meredith Dufour, Adrian Beyerle, Tony Cartwright, Damien Melotte, Lyle Talbot, Toni Green, Laura Claassen, Karla Orwin, Becks, Tom McLean, Salome Romero, Alice Ha, Glenda Yiu, Alina Dain, David Sun, Jessie Chow, Natalie Chow, Louise Castle, Katie Petros, Yukari Yamaguchi, Timothy Li, Robert McDougall, Kyla Sabrina, Jina He, Sockkee Ooi, Leonor Gausachs, Rifat Muharram, Jersey Tang, Sara Chan, Raisa Kabir, Bronwyn Geddes

GHG Home & Building Recycling, Bowens North Melbourne, Paarhammer

Pop-up Yoga Studio, Humanitarian Clowns, Laughter Clubs Victotria, DADo Film Society - Robyn Boyd Foundation