Interior Improvements, Newport

This client wanted to renovate their heritage home, starting with the first floor balcony, bathroom and the ground floor kitchen, living and dining areas.

After reviewing our initial concept plans, they decided to also complete changes to a first floor living area, currently used for storage.  The final design opens up the space above the dining area as a cathedral ceiling, providing more light and a stronger link to the garden.  New lighting in the kitchen identifies the bench as an informal seating area.

Upstairs, the bathroom refurbishment removes the large and impractical corner spa, and replaces it with a walk in shower, back-to-wall bath, and vanity

We loved working closely with the client, engineer and builder throughout this project.  Getting their early input meant that we could devise a design which was practical, buildable, and beautiful.

Construction is expected to be completed before summer 2018.


January 2017 - present

Newport, VIC

Phillipa Hall, Ammon Beyerle, Hella Wigge