Kendall St, Coburg

This was a small project to alter a home in the Melbourne suburb of Coburg. The project was to build the capacity and flexibility of a large family home by making some small changes. As the family was getting older, the aim was to convert one of the children's old rooms, and the couple's current bedroom and laundry into a complete small unit (including bedroom, dressing room, living area and ensuite).

The design included a new laundry and an upgrade to the amenity of the existing bathroom to allow for future wheelchair accessibility, etc.

The house has a strong heritage character that we all wanted to maintain. We have slowly worked together to develop the layout, colours and details to fit with the existing character through many collaborative design meetings. Flexibility has been an important concept for the project, potentially allowing the aging clients  to live in a small portion of the house in three different configurations, always in comfort.

This project completed construction in November 2013.

October 2011 - November 2013



Michelle Emma James, Ammon Beyerle, Liling Kong, Katherine Sampson