Riverview, Mansfield

Here Studio was engaged from concept design through to documentation for this extension to a house and cottage on a beautiful property called 'Riverview' near Mansfield. The existing house sits on an elevated man-made plateau overlooking a bend in Delatite River. The clients chose the site "because of its capacity for sustainability, permanent water supply, proximity (and distance) to Mansfield and Melbourne, proximity to Mt Buller, and because of its Zen essence".

The existing house faces due north, has single glazing, asbestos and poor insulation. In its current state it is especially cold in winter. It was originally built in the 1950s but renovated in 2009 in rendered brick, plastered stud walls and stone tiles. The project was to make the house more comfortable, inspiring, larger in a few places and overall, thermally effective.

The starting concept was drawn on a napkin describing a transition along a dragon's back from the mountain temple to the sea. Instead of demolishing and starting anew, we are working to retain almost the entirety of the existing house including using existing openings and most of the current rooms.


December 2011 - January 2013

Piries (Mansfield)

Ammon Beyerle, Michelle Emma James, Caitlyn Parry, Liling Kong