Participate Here! Exhibition

participate here! was a collaboration between Ammon Beyerle, Here Studio, current project contacts and a number of students at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at The University of Melbourne. Our installation was a 2-week open door studio in the Dulux Gallery at the Melbourne School of Design, where we worked out of the space, and ran workshops and activities around two tables and $350.

Curator Kelum Palipane invited Ammon to exhibit his PhD work about Architecture and Participation, bringing together 6 PhD students whose work had creative work components. The opening night included a presentation by Sarah Pink and Paul Walker.

As part of the exhibition, we ran two workshops about cohousing with Banyule Cohousing. Perhaps one of the most memorable aspects about this exhibition was the meaningful interaction we had with the core team, who answered a paper advertisement posted up around the Melbourne School of Design, and working through the challenges of delivering a simple interactive event project like this in an institutional space.

May 2017

Ammon Beyerle, Phillipa Hall, Soledad Maldonado, Catherine Woo, Natalie Chow, Sarah Mair, Simrat Mehta, Elina Gault