Residential Architects Ballarat


Why residential architecture in Ballarat?

Living and working in Ballarat we want to contribute good architecture to our local community using our professional skills and experience; as a minimum, we’d love to be go-to quality residential architects in Ballarat. We are registered architects (ARBV 51269).

We currently specialise in renovations and extensions of homes in heritage overlays and general residential zones. We bring professional experience from Victoria and abroad in listed heritage architecture, and delivering affordable everyday architecture with and without owner builder labour. 

Our aim is to make architecture affordable and accessible, whilst improving the quality and sustainability of homes as much as possible. We teach architectural and environmental design at university level, and, since 2011 we have been explicitly focusing on developing affordable services.

Heritage buildings in Ballarat and quality building design

Ballarat has some beautiful architecture, by some quality past and contemporary Ballarat architects and, Ballarat also has some very poor quality buildings built without architects. Many of the buildings in Ballarat were built around the 1890s, 1920s and 1950s when basics such as insulation, draught proofing, and proper solar orientation were not considered. Here Studio has worked on Victorian, Colonial, Federation, Edwardian, Miner’s Cottage, and Art Deco -architectural styles, as well as Post-War Department of Housing examples.

Some buildings in Ballarat were built beautifully, with masonry construction, numerous fireplaces and high ceilings, roof, ceiling and wall details, others were built cheaply, with timber weatherboards, or even asbestos sheet. Many have sash windows that are painted shut, others have poorly-sealed cheap aluminium frames. Heritage overlays do some good to improve the quality of new housing, however they can also hinder upgrades of existing built fabric.

If you live in Ballarat you can expect that your heating and building maintenance costs are high – but have great ventilation. Most houses in Ballarat are very cold, despite relatively consistent seasons, and excellent solar access in Winter. Gardens grow quickly in Winter due to the amount of sun and rain; the light is beautiful and worth capturing in spaces you use.

Building affordable architecture in Ballarat

The market for residential architecture in Ballarat is very different to Melbourne. House and land properties are comparatively very cheap, with large 600-900m2 blocks even in the centre of town, and builders tend to be less expensive too. If you are improving your home using an architect in Ballarat, or starting a new home from scratch, over-capitalisation is a key consideration unless you intend to live in your home for a long time. Thinking short-term can make it hard to justify working with an architect. This is starting to change as Ballarat house prices increase significantly as Ballarat grows.

At Here Studio we take on the full consideration of what you are trying to achieve with your architectural project, including your budget, site constraints, and we strategically design in flexibility for your life changes into the future. We tend to keep things simple, focusing on light, space, use and material qualities, rather than abstract form. We’ve got a reliable team and, working closely with you, we can do some exciting things.

We’re available in Ballarat!

We regularly work in Ballarat 2-4 days per week, and are available for a site visit in business hours, and can usually be reached on the weekend for a meeting in a café. Director Ammon Beyerle is an architect in Ballarat who works from home, grew up in Ballarat, and lives less than 100m from L’espresso or Europa Café in Sturt Street – which is a great place for us to make first face-to-face contact.