Residential Architects Horsham


Why residential architecture in Horsham?

After years working and travelling in the Western Region we have developed a interest in contributing good quality residential architecture to the regional city of Horsham. We aspire to be reliable, creative and experienced residential architects in Horsham. We are registered architects (ARBV 51269).

We have been working in the area since 2014 with our first public projects for community infrastructure in Kaniva and Edenhope. We have since completed architectural services in Warracknabeal, Beulah, Ararat, Haven and Horsham.

We have invested heavily in building relationships with quality builders, building practitioners and suppliers in the area, through a skilled local Horsham illustrator – Shane Boland. In 2015 one of our most important graduates moved to Dimboola. Since 2015, we continue  to make regular trips by our director Ammon Beyerle from Ballarat. 

We are dedicated to providing accessible professional services for projects large and small in Horsham and the Wimmera – public architecture, urban design, and quality commercial and residential architect services. Our focus on delivering affordable architectural services is a good fit in a city with many quality Master Builders.

Horsham has wealth from strong industries in agriculture and manufacturing. It has a urbane, comfortable scale centre with an iconic main street axis, and beautiful Colonial, Federation, Victorian and Art Deco public and commercial buildings – a many designed by architects.

Residential building design and quality homes in Horsham

Older housing in Horsham and surrounding area is mostly of very poor quality weatherboards, uninsulated and cracking bricks on unstable foundations. Horsham is renowned for its high-clay soils, that moves  with weather and water fluctuations. Foundations are expensive in Horsham. More recent housing in Horsham is solid-built, typically brick veneer on highly engineered slabs, with timber or steel frames – built to standard designs or minor modifications of catalogue designs. 

In the Wimmera, the weather is very hot in Summer, and many houses in Horsham have very little shading, small eaves, poor ventilation and average to (very) problematic solar orientation. Some are quite cold in Winter. Most houses are unsustainable and expensive to run. New building regulations and building surveyors are changing this.

Houses designed by architects are individual and very special, they express the identity and aspirations of their owners. Architecturally designed homes are more valuable and even save money on energy costs. They make the most of their location, be it flat land, close to the Wimmera River or in bushland. Good quality, they may be large or small. By working closely and collaboratively with the skilled builders in Horsham, well-designed homes can be built affordably. They can incorporate different features, materials and forms.

There is a particular tradition of designing and building a rural home, whether it is in the centre of town or on a rural block. We have gathered many precedents of beautiful, sensitively designed and robust architecture for regional cities such as Horsham.

Building affordable architecture in Horsham

Many large homes are built in Horsham each week on large budgets – most without architects. There are many renovations and additions constructed, as well as small and medium-sized houses. At Here Studio we have extensive experience working to tight budgets, with or without owner builder labour, and on both old and new homes. We also apply our experience in public architecture, and teaching architecture, and environmental design to graduates at leading Universities, in approachable ways. We pride ourselves on listening.

At Here Studio we take on the full consideration of what you are trying to achieve with your architectural project, including your budget, site constraints, and we strategically design in flexibility for your life changes into the future. We have good relationships with local builders. We tend to keep things simple, focusing on light, space, use and material qualities, rather than abstract form. We have a reliable team and, working closely with you, we can do some exciting things.

We’re available in Horsham!

An architect is available for a pre-arranged site visit in Horsham in business hours, and on the weekend for a meeting in Café Jas. Although we cannot provide an architect in Horsham everyday, our team member Shane Boland is an illustrator in Horsham who works in town everyday and is readily available to liaise initial information and record a brief for further discussion. We regularly work in Horsham for a full day on Fridays once every 4-8 weeks. Director Ammon Beyerle is an architect in Ballarat who grew up in Ballarat, and enjoys designing residential homes in Horsham starting with face-to-face contact.