The Rooks Return, Fitzroy

The Rooks Return is a bar/cafe in Fitzroy to the southern end of Brunswick Street. The aim of the project was to build a community-supporting bar & creative workspace that offered a genuine, welcoming and intimate experience delivered with a neat and clean style. The bar has a focus on local content and quality - in particular, offering fair-priced local music, food, craft beers and carefully selected drinks. Here Studio was engaged to provide assistance with with overall layout, aesthetic concepts, managing consultants, drafting and regulatory approvals (including planning and building permits, and liquor licensing). We tried to leave as much space for DIY as possible.

The Rooks Return officially opened in July 2014. The resultant space is very beautiful, intimate and comfortable. It is filled with charm, recycled/found objects and careful eyes to detail - curated, designed and made by The Three Musketiers themselves.

Three Musketiers Pty Ltd (The Rooks Return)

October 2012 – September 2014

Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Michelle Emma James, Ammon Beyerle, Charlotte Blythe, Micha Woodhouse