Smith Street Dreaming

Smith Street Dreaming is an annual Aboriginal Live Music Event that was first held on the corner of Stanley and Smith Streets in Collingwood on 27 July 2013.

Kirsty Baird, Arts and Cultural Development Officer from the City of Yarra coordinated the event in conjunction with Hieng Lim from the Neighbourhood Justice Centre and members of the Smith Street Working Group.

Here Studio was responsible for the streetscape design and will be working with Ngarra Murray and Dianne Harris to develop the look and feel of the event. Using recycled materials and working with local young people and the Yarra Men's Shed to construct various street elements, transformed the street for this exciting one-day event.

Initial concepts discussed with the Smith Street Working Group included a total landscape made from recycled pallets, colourful overhead canopies, an 'entrance' and small intimate spaces.

Nicky Moffat from Urban Bush Carpenters worked with Zulu, Suni and Abel to construct some of the elements for the streetscape. Our friends at Circus Oz provided the stage canopy element. Kirsty and Bek worked on the logistics including sourcing materials and all other production aspects of the project.

Ammon and Michelle met Kirsty and Jason at an event run by Circus Oz as they reached out to neighbours in the community in preparation for their move into their new home in Collingwood.

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