We have a committed team, and we are passionate about what we do. We want to contribute our skills to the real world starting with local, everyday people.

Our team comes from different backgrounds and our recruitment process emphasises both soft and hard skills, diverse talents and complementary personalities. We pay at or above published award rates, invest in training and professional development, and have a flexible and compassionate workplace policy. We care about gender equity and diversity, and believe these values benefit our clients.


Ammon Beyerle (Director + Architect)

ARBV 19197, PhD (Architecture and Urban Design), The University of Melbourne, M. Arch, B. Planning and Design (Architecture), D. Modern Languages (German), The University of Melbourne

Ammon is a passionate and driven architect, researcher, writer and teacher. He lives in Ballarat. In 2009 he developed Urban Village Melbourne, a multidisciplinary social enterprise interested in arts, design, research, community development and sustainability in public space. Working for five years between France, Germany, Japan and Australia he brings experience in the management of public architectural and structural design projects to here studio. He has recently completed a PhD regarding participatory architectural practice in local urban ecologies.

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Phillipa Hall (Associate Director + Architect)

P.G.D., M. Arch, B. Sc. (Architectural Studies), Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University

Phillipa is a UK qualified architect with experience of integrating new construction into listed and historic structures. Her work at varied practices in the UK furthered her knowledge, working on projects of different scales in the residential and public sectors. She enjoys design which responds to, and enhances, the existing situation, while considering the long term future of the building - socially, physically and environmentally.

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Shane Boland (Illustrator)

D. Commercial Art, Art Training Institute Melbourne

Shane is a passionate artist, illustrator and teacher with 35 years experience in newspaper, commercial printing and photographic industries. He wants to contribute to form and concept development through pencil, ink, watercolour, charcoal and pastel drawings. He lives in Murtoa, near Horsham.


Soledad Maldonado (Graduate of Architecture)

M. Arch, The University of Melbourne, B. Arts (Architecture), The University of Technology Sydney, D. Interior Design, Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan, Italy

Soledad loves people, how everyone is so unique and contributes to this world in a different way. That's why she's avid about social architecture. She is committed to an architecture that responds to people's needs and believes architecture has the potential to empower communities. She also loves to travel so whenever she has an opportunity she goes backpacking with her son to some outlandish corner of this beautiful world to see different ways of life and learn.


Ramakrishnan Sekar (Graduate of Architecture)

M. Arch, The University of Melbourne, B. Arch, Anna University, India

Ram is a graduate of architecture who is passionate about social architecture. He is interested in affordable housing, sustainable developments, biophilic design and buildings that respond to cultural and contextual values. He believes that architecture is for all and something that takes from and gives back to nature. He is inquisitive about the relationship between old and contemporary architecture and how they interact with the ever-changing environment. His other interests include sketching, painting and playing the piano.


Lewis Gallagher

M. Arch University of Melbourne (ongoing), B. Fine Arts (Drawing) RMIT University

Lewis is a student of architecture from a fine arts background and is interested in affordable design, social and sustainable architecture. He loves to work with people and is keen to explore ways in which architecture can not only create beautiful spaces but also build great relationships.  He is a deep fan of dub, enjoys aikido and has recently become mildly obsessed with making wooden furniture.